Turo Vault



When I first started working at Turo on the marketing team, Tandem Vault (our DAM) was one of those eternally-pinned tabs in my web browser. Turo has built up a massive library of beautiful car and lifestyle photography over the years, which came in handy when designing emails, landing pages, social ads, and other campaigns.

After transitioning to the product side as part of the design systems team, I found myself needing to access Tandem Vault fairly frequently to mock up features and flows using actual Turo listing photos. This led me to build Turo Vault, a private Figma plugin for the Turo design team that provides access to our vast asset library from within Figma, cutting out the need to find and download assets from a web browser entirely.

I built the first version in 2022, and it has since evolved from a relatively vanilla Javascript application to a faster and more functional React-based application incorporating searching and browsing features.