What I'm up to now

Last updated: Tue Apr 16 2024


I've been sitting on this URL for a minute now, so I figured I'd finally try an idea I've had for a long time: an internet radio app with various stations/channels for my community of DJ friends. Check it out here.


Been working on the blog, it's built now (/blog) — now I'm just trying to get over myself to start putting pen to paper.

What I'm listening to

My listening is kinda spread out all over the place nowadays, but the one place I always come back to is my N8FM playlist on Spotify. Since college I've been dumping random tracks into here as I come across them, or tracks I've been listening to for a while and rediscovered. It's incredible how much its grown over the years (116 hours and 20 minutes as I'm writing this). I usually just throw it on shuffle or sort by date added to keep things fresh. I treat it like a special version of my likes, so anything I like enough to keep listening to I don't really think to much about throwing it in or arranging the order, which makes the shuffle experience interesting, like my own radio station.

I love discovering other playlists from people who do the same thing. Pitchfork wrote an article with Four Tet about his playlist which is sorta the same vibe. If you're reading this and you got something similar, send it. I'm always digging.