My name is Nathan Mandreza and I come from the San Francisco Bay Area (where the youngsters get hyphy). Ever since I was young, I've enjoyed creating things, whether it was building Lego sets or drawing in my sketchbook. And living in San Jose, I was always surrounded by technology and innovation. I was lucky enough to pick up a camera and study design while in high school (I went to Bellarmine, Go Bells), and since then I've decided I want to continue creating for the rest of my life. To me, design is more than just arranging things to look the right way or making a pretty picture; design is intentional, it is creating and communicating meaning, conceptualizing with the bigger picture in mind. Finding design in high school uncovered a new path for me to contribute to society and make an impact on people's lives. This is how I want to make my mark.

University of San Francisco

BA Design

Feel free to slide thru my DMs. 

Or just email me: nymandreza@gmail.com